At Flexcel Network, we provide advisory services and transformative online and offline sessions to help businesses: prioritize and adapt to support their workforce; recuperate losses in productivity; and minimize ongoing disruption in the transition to digitally-integrated and adaptive sustainable work environments.

We drive strategic projects that ensure organizations become more flexible and nimble in order to emerge successfully as circumstances improve over the longer-term. We handle critical current workforce topics: creating and managing high-performing distributed teams; leading and selling with empathy; and improving communication and collaboration among generations--including Generation Zs. We focus on increasing engagement, responsiveness, and performance.

We conduct digital platform and tool diligence and drive digitization projects to facilitate decentralized access to cloud capabilities and streamline processes. We coordinate data strategies that provide customer insights and analytics to inform timely adaptive and scalable operational and market re-entry and expansion strategies.


Sophie is the Founder and Workforce Innovation Specialist at Flexcel Network. She is a speaker, author, and authority on Future-of-Work issues. Her book, Embracing Progress: Next Steps for the Future of Work, is an Executive MBA Program textbook and required reading for several management school leadership courses. She is a LinkedIn Instructor with SHRM-certified courses on Generation Z and Empathy.

Sophie has held senior management, strategy and finance roles around the world, working in media, technology, and venture capital for companies such as IMG and Yahoo. Sophie studied at Oxford University (BA) and international business school, INSEAD (MBA). For the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), she served as NYC chapter President 2015-17, and on NAWBO National's Presidents' Assembly Steering Committee 2016-19. She serves on the NY Advisory Board of Common Sense Media.



Alexander Weinberg is the Digital Strategy Specialist at Flexcel Network. Alexander has held leadership roles across financial services, fintech, and insuretech sectors, including at JPMorgan Chase, openfin, and Resilient.

Alexander’s executive advisory work helps companies scale operations, digitize processes, orchestrate enterprise datasets, and implement machine learning across their businesses. He helps firms optimize their existing technology assets and processes as well as develop holistic process, data and analytics strategies to set themselves up for the next evolution in disruption and keep them competitive.



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