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In Sophie's newest LinkedIn course, she guides you through the traits, skills, and strategies that you and your workers need to move your company forward as the digitization of business continues to accelerate, and increased adaptability and responsiveness are essential. Sophie highlights digital business skills, including core technical skills, flexibility, adaptability, and problem-solving. She explores ways to build human-centric skills, such as fostering trust, integrating empathy, and embracing inclusiveness. Sophie shows you the importance of building new leadership skills, with a focus on emphasizing individuality and coaching, re/up-skilling, supporting workers’ well-being and much more.

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Experience Sophie’s highly popular video course “Empathy for Sales Professionals” on LinkedIn Learning. Find out how practicing empathy skills will help you communicate and connect with prospects and convert more into long-lasting customers. For sales leaders and teams, review captivating tips to improve your results and collaborate better as a team to boost overall outcomes.

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Watch Sophie's acclaimed video course “Attracting, Hiring and Working with Gen Zs” on LinkedIn Learning. Progress through compelling short videos with Sophie and watch example interactions to understand the youngest generation of workers better. Learn how to integrate them successfully into your workforce.

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Check out Sophie’s video course on “Empathy for HR Professionals” on LinkedIn Learning. Human Resources has to handle so many delicate situations and support the workforce--now more than ever--and empathy improves these interactions. At the same time, whatever your department or role, practicing empathy skills will help you connect, communicate, and collaborate.

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Sophie is a Remote-How Author. Watch her videos in the Remote-How Academy course to boost your empathy at work. This course helps remote workers, leaders or managers establish or develop effective habits—whether you are a wholly- or partly remote team manager, leader or member.

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More courses will be added in the coming months. Please let us know what topics are of most concern to you and what you would like Sophie to address next by emailing Her many articles and blogs also share useful content and tips on a variety of subjects.


Sophie addresses current business conditions and explores ways to navigate the disruption. She shares informative insights and interviewing leading innovators who are providing or benefiting from transformative solutions that will allow companies to emerge with sustainable models, mindsets, and business practices. Find out how to transition to more effective, productive, and supportive new ways of working—across locations, generations, and platforms—as we harness these challenging circumstances to drive significant, multidimensional changes in all our working lives.

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Executive MBA textbook and ‘visionary reading’* about the Future of Work, Sophie’s book helps you understand the new work environment— faster-paced, tech-driven, and talent-focused. Her research-supported insights help executives, managers, and teams understand and transition to the new world of work.

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“The way we work is going through a profound transformation. With Embracing Progress, Sophie Wade provides an essential guide for businesses of all sizes to create a more flexible, empathetic, purpose driven, and human workplace that can meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities of this new era.”


Founder and CEO, Thrive Global

“Sophie is a catalyst. She both explains the new working circumstances clearly as well as giving thoughtful direction about what to expect going forward and how to adapt successfully.”

“A highly rated speaker from INBOUND 2018”


Sophie Wade is a speaker and author of Executive MBA textbook Embracing Progress. Next Steps for the Future of Work. She is Founder and Workforce Innovation Specialist at Flexcel Network. Sophie has a BA from Oxford University and an MBA from international business school INSEAD.

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