2024: Committing to the Human-centric Eco/system

January 10, 2024



2024: Committing to the Human-centric Eco/system

2024: Committing to the Human-centric Eco/system

Sophie Wade is a work futurist and strategist, workforce innovation specialist, keynote speaker, and host of this show. She is an author and authority on the Future of Work, and a course instructor with over 0.5 million LinkedIn Learning learners on Gen Z, empathy, and Future of Work skills. Sophie shares three key pathways for 2024 and decisions to make to move forward successfully. She describes the human-centric system of modern work, highlights the guiding work/LIFE principles, and recommends learning the fundamental practices.


[01:29] Sophie predicts what will significantly impact your company’s outcomes this year.

[02:19] You have noticed some of the new era’s defining characteristics—such as how customers are reacting and how tasks are changing.

[03:59] This year, figure out what works for your company, not wait to see what others do.

[04:41] High-performing companies that have embraced modern work are demonstrating the principles and fundamental practices.

[06:09] During turbulent conditions, emphasize cohesive principles of modern work internally—Learning, Intention, Flexibility, and Empathy.

[07:53] The meaning of work/L.I.F.E equilibrium.

[08:17] Is your company equipped for the new digital rules of engagement?

[09:10] Sophie predicts three roads ahead in 2024 and explains the choices and challenges.

[11:49] Using workplace policies to explain CEOs’ (lack of) commitment to modern work.

[13:39] The difference between conceding to a policy compared with committing to it.

[15:49] What strategic framework applies to modern work?

[16:28] Starting with target customers and their needs to ensure everyone understands them and is aligned.

[18:59] Discovering and assessing your Customer Journey and how to make meaningful improvements.

[20:12] The importance of the complementary Employee Journey.

[21:17] Evaluating and upgrading all stages of the Employee Journey.

[22:15] The long-term benefits of shared values and deeper connections throughout your business ecosystem.

[24:27] How does a human-centric system and an emphasis on talent change outcomes for your business?

[25:24] The fundamental practices of modern work.

[26:55] Survey data from workers providing important intelligence for decision-making and progress.

[28:13] Weighting historical and recent data in the current environment.

[29:19] Balancing old and new inputs, making measured decisions, using data, logic and reasoning.

[30:40] Which path will you to commit for 2024 keeping work/LIFE principles top of mind?


“The essence of modern work can be captured in four core principles that are relevant for any ecosystem, organization, team and individual. These are: Learning, Intention, Flexibility, and Empathy.”

“The Employee Journey is the “yin” to the Customer Journey’s “yang””.
“The human-centric approach is applicable all along your supply chain as extensive ripple effects potentially impact everyone’s revenues and future growth possibilities.”
“Tech is a given. Talent is a gift.”

“Right now, recent data is often most relevant and reliable for projecting out the possible pathways.”

“Our habit as humans, our instinct, is to invent and innovate, to continue our evolutionary path forward, to learn from disruptions and gain from turbulent disconnection to make jumps and leaps forward—which aren’t necessarily comfortable at first. “