How Empathy Enables the Transformation of/at Work

June 10, 2022



How Empathy Enables the Transformation of/at Work

How Empathy Enables the Transformation of/at Work

Podcast host Sophie Wade checks in to discuss the current challenges, frustrations, and fatigue we are all dealing with as we emerge from the pandemic. From resisting or rolling out new work arrangements, to managing supply chain disruptions and rising costs, facilitating business and workforce transformation at the same time is not easy. Sophie explains how empathy works to enable the necessary shift to a human-centric orientation in technology-driven Future-of-Work environments leading to successful, sustainable progress and growth. She also reads short excerpts from her new book, Empathy Works: The Key to Competitive Advantage in the New Era of Work.


[01:16] Acknowledging the challenges moments and issues we are all experiencing.

[03:08] The current discord between conventional power and progress.

[04:43] Why it’s necessary and practical to embrace the reimagining and redesigning of work.

[06:18] How the First Principles approach is useful, incorporating learnings from the last two years.

[07:10] The human-centric counterbalance to a technology-driven business world.

[08:02] The human-centric framework that elevates the Customer Journey and the Employee Journey.

[08:50] Sophie‘s new book Empathy Works is “An insightful and practical must-read for leaders focused on the future” -- Kirkus Reviews.

[09:32] Examples of how we experience empathy at work.

[10:32] Does everyone have empathy?

[11:31] What is soft about empathy as a skill?

[12:37] The neuroscience of empathy and its role at the core of human relationships.

[14:31] The connections between trust, oxytocin, social comfort, and the ability to read someone’s emotions.

[17:00] How to think through designing a suitable work model for your organization.

[19:30] Should your company have an office? If yes, what for?

[21:26] Workplace flexibility is a mindset first and a policy second.

[22:45] Why the effective mindset is open, inclusive, and empathetic.

[23:53] Leaders are transitioning from commanding to coaching and giving more autonomy to their team members.

[25:25] Why decentralizing decision-making is necessary now.

[27:46] PURPOSE: The importance of leaders articulating purpose.

[28:44] CULTURE: The role of leaders in modeling corporate values and how culture determines employees’ actions.

[30:29] TRUST: Trust is essential for workers to feel a sense of belonging and to increase their engagement.

[31:55] CONTROL: Empowering employees to support decentralized decision-making.

[33:30] WORKFLOW: The importance of understanding how work is accomplished and flows through your organization.

[35:21] IMMEDIATE ACTION TIP: Buy Sophie’s book to understand more about how to infuse your company’s culture and mindset with empathy and get practical help to establish daily empathy habits.


“We all have to make our way through the messiness of transformation.”

“We have the opportunity to get to a much better place.”

“This IS the moment to be making the necessary and powerful transformation to ensure your business can progress and succeed.”

“Empathy is closely associated with trust, respect, and inclusion which together can create a solid foundation for your company and culture.”

“Empathy is at the core of all human relationships.”