The Great Resignation, Burnout, & How to fix it

February 11, 2022



The Great Resignation, Burnout, & How to fix it

The Great Resignation, Burnout, & How to fix it

Susan Inouye, CEO of the Inouye LoRe Group, is an executive coach, recognized expert with Millennials, and bestselling author of Leadership’s Perfect Storm: What Millennials Are Teaching Us about Possibilities, Passion and Purpose. Susan brings her proven track record in transformational change to share insights about what matters most in all our working lives and how leaders can stop the burnout, stem the tide, and engage younger employees who are walking out.


[02:45] Susan’s unusual transition towards coaching from the entertainment industry.

[03:18] How Susan was selected as a top coach to study with Tony Robbins.

[05:27] Transitioning to sales, Susan becomes the number one salesperson in 10 months.

[06:23] A friend insists Susan coach her and extraordinary financial success results.

[08:15] Susan is told coaching is her calling!

[09:30] Susan hits another ceiling and is advised to go out on her own

[10:49] How did Millennials became a focus of Susan’s work.

[11:28] What understanding Millennials really entails.

[12:55] The impact of connected relationships for at-risk Millennial youth.

[14:58] What compelled Susan to write her book?

[16:45] Why is the Great Resignation happening?

[18:51] How people experience burnout.

[21:44] Why we didn’t notice we were burning out until now.

[22:20] Why cultural values and issues are highlighted causing employees to reassess their employer.

[25:32] An employee exodus shock an employer.

[27:32] The three things Millennials want—that every human wants.

[29:39] Susan suggests simple solutions for improving connections.

[31:11] Leaders need to focus their people be role models.

[32:23] Understanding and orienting towards people’s gifts generates energy and engagement.

[36:05] The benefit of understanding our blind spots.

[38:19] The benefit of working with gifts and blind spots and how to find your own.

[43:19] How to nurture and coach Millennials as our new and upcoming leaders.

[44:01] How Boomers are behind Millennials perspectives and actions.

[44:46] What legacy do Boomers and Gen Xers what to leave?

[45:18] IMMEDIATE ACTION TIP: Connect and receive what others have to offer. Observe people, using the connection that you have to see their gifts, who they are in the world, and accept them for who they are.

[46:21] Many soft skills are rising to the top of the list for leaders.


“When your calling hits you in the face, you kind of push it away. It took me three months [to accept it].”

“The number one reason employees are leaving is because of burn out.”

“Gifts are what we were born naturally to bring into this world. It’s what we do without thinking about it.”

“We focused on his gifts, and his blind spots, and he started to become a better leader, better person. And he said, "Oh my gosh, my whole team changed because I changed."”