About the podcast

About the podcast

Sophie addresses current business conditions and explores ways to navigate the disruption. She shares informative insights and interviewing leading innovators who are providing or benefiting from transformative solutions that will allow companies to emerge with sustainable models, mindsets, and business practices.

Find out how to transition to more effective, productive, and supportive new ways of working—across locations, generations, and platforms—as we harness these challenging circumstances to drive significant, multidimensional changes in all our working lives.

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How Transforming Work Relationships Improves Outcomes

David Nour, CEO of the Nour Group, brings his extensive expertise on applications of strategic business relationships to the challenges of 2022’s marketplace uncertainties and work conditions. As a senior leadership and board advisor, educator, executive coach, and prolific, best-selling author, David shares his insights about the importance of reciprocity, empathy, and the exchange of value to transform our professional exchanges and develop mutually beneficial, rewarding, and deep long-term relationships. Read more

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2021’s Essential Learnings: Emotions, Excuses, and Insights

As we wrap up 2021, there is much that we can learn, benefit from, and use to our competitive advantage in preparing for 2022. Much has changed since the pandemic started and the recent past—how we operated and acted over the last twelve months—provides us with some of the only available insights into how things have changed and examples of what worked and didn’t. Sophie discusses what we experienced in 2021 and areas to reflect upon. She also shares questions for you to think about to gather the insights you need to support your business’s growth and success in the year ahead. Read more

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The Hybrid Customer Journey and Creating Compelling Experiences

YuChiang Cheng is the Chief Product Officer of Zwift, an online global fitness platform for cyclists, runners, and triathletes. YuChiang has spent his career trying to understand how to create meaningful online and hybrid connections, communities, and experiences for customers. At Zwift, responsible for all aspects of the Customer Journey, YuChiang explains how they try to discover and satisfy their different customer groups’ online and offline pain points, needs, and desires. Read more

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How Decentralized Organizations Profit from a Human-Centric Approach

Mikael Sorensen, the CEO of Handelsbanken UK, discusses the multinational bank’s decentralized management system with a human-centric culture and core beliefs that drive value creation—emphasizing customers first and then branch employees. Mikael shares how the bank empowers and encourages front-line employees to make decisions and the critical importance of trust. He also emphasizes the necessity of taking a long-term perspective. Read more

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Inclusive Employee Experiences Start with Leaders

Gena Cox, Founder and CEO of Feels Human, is an industrial/organizational psychologist with expertise in measuring and supporting inclusive behaviors. She works with companies to build inclusive organizational cultures. Gena has deep understanding about human dynamics in the workplace and the critical role leaders play. This episode is how to create engaging and inclusive employee experiences which leaders are responsible for. Read more

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The Office of the Future — Shaping a More Human Experience

Matthias Hollwich, Founder of HKWN Architecture, has long focused on designing buildings that foster human connection and generate positive emotions and memories. He describes his vision for the office of the future designed to create a more human experience, recognizing the cadence of workers’ emotions, tasks, and other needs during the course of their workdays. Matthias explains how these offices will lure people back and support positive and productive experiences and interactions. Read more

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How Purpose and Values Make a Difference in Business

Lisa Morton, CEO of Roland Dransfield, founded her PR agency in Manchester, England, combining entrepreneurial spirit, Northern grit, purpose, and values to build her company and expand nationally and internationally. Lisa explains her intentional emphasis on purpose and living her values daily which has been core for attracting and retaining clients and employees, while guiding all their actions and decisions. She also shares what happens when values are not clearly defined and how they have benefitted from setting boundaries. Read more

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Shifting Skills and Scope for Growth and Resilience

Jeremy Fleming, the Founder and CEO of Stagekings, discusses how he evolved and grew the Australian event and theater staging business after a necessary radical pivot at the beginning of the pandemic. Re-applying everyone’s crafts’ skills to design, develop, sell, and distribute innovative desks, they engaged new customers online and used feedback to help expand the product range. Jeremy also shares how encouraging people to work across all areas of the business as well as diversifying revenue and vertically integrating is creating resiliency to ensure the company’s ongoing stability and success. Read more

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Remote & Hybrid Models: Realities, Recommendations, Rewards, & Risks

Laurel Farrer, Founder and CEO of Distribute Consulting--a virtual organizational development consulting firm, is well aware of the rewards of transitioning long-term to remote working, and the risks, especially with hybrid models. As a 15-year seasoned remote worker, Laurel has identified the key factors that are critical for success and benchmarking goals for healthy virtual organizations. She shares her experiences, insights, and cautions as we all work through our inevitable, work-related transformations. Read more

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The Empathy Factor Driving Small Business Success in the New Era of Work

Ramon Ray, founder of SmartHustle.com, has been involved in the small business sector for over twenty years as a serial entrepreneur, podcast host, author, and expert advocating for small business success. As a vocal participant and active contributor, he helps small businesses adapt to new marketplace dynamics—from developing meaningful client relationships to motivating and supporting employees. He shares five priorities to focus on and the strategic importance of empathy. Read more

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How to Succeed as a Remote Leader: Include, Innovate, & Iterate

Sacha Connor—Founder and CEO of Virtual Work Insider—was a remote work pioneer for The Clorox Company. Sacha explains how she transitioned to working 3000 miles away from HQ for eight years and became the first fully remote member of the Leadership Team of a $1 billion division. Sacha shares how processes were reimagined, what issues arose, what solutions were developed, as well as surprising benefits gained along the way. Read more

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Marketing Internally to Effect Change, with Empathy

This episode is about using sophisticated traditional marketing techniques to transform employees’ apathy and ambivalence into engagement and enable change initiatives to succeed. Neil Bedwell is a Founding Partner of LOCAL where he applies his extensive expertise in consumer marketing to internal corporate audiences to effect lasting change. The key is understanding how culture impacts new initiatives from ideation through development and execution. Neil explains what marketing techniques are core to LOCAL’s effective ‘Change Marketing™’. Read more

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Triggering Trust and Engagement through Anonymity and Action

Paul Reid is the CEO and Founder of Trickle and a serial entrepreneur. He shares how his early employment experiences taught him to build trust-based, thriving cultures at his first two start-ups. Now, these learnings have been encoded into the software that powers his latest venture, Trickle. Trust—which is key for employee engagement, effective communication, and collaboration—is generally earned, slowly. However, Paul explains how to generate trusting relationships more quickly through a purposeful combination of anonymity and action, supplemented by transparency. Read more

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The Unbundling and Re-bundling of Jobs in the Future of Work

Laetitia Vitaud is an author and authority on the Future of Work and brings a European perspective with her experience living, lecturing, consulting, and doing research in France, the UK, and Germany. She has long been concerned about the unbundling of jobs and the impact on employees, especially women. In this episode, Laetitia shares her views on new employment dynamics and emerging options that mean proactive attention and re-bundling can change future outcomes for workers. Read more

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Skills versus Jobs: Talent Mapping, Mobility, and Management in the Future of Work

Muriel Clauson brings a rich background in industrial and organizational psychology and psychometrics to the discussion about the importance of reorienting our employment focus from ‘jobs’ to ‘skills’. As co-Founder of Anthill—which enables adaptive talent management with employee buy-in using talent-mapping software—Muriel explains how we can emphasize people and skills, since talent, not technology, will ultimately determine competitive advantage. Read more

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Reforming Capitalism, Promoting Human Capital Strategy, and Embracing the Future of Work

In this episode, Matthew Bishop—author of Philanthrocapitalism, visiting senior fellow of the Brookings Institution and a founder of the Social Progress Initiative—discusses how we can begin to rethink, and reform, capitalism and better value all workers’ contributions. As we plan to emerge from a period of extreme disruption, our economic framework needs to be reconfigured and the human capital of America assessed as to whether it’s well-suited for the Future of Work. Read more

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2021: Forecasting and Planning a Foundational Year

In this episode, Rob Tercek—author of Vaporized: Solid Strategies for Success in a Dematerialized World—discusses the reality of where we are, how to forecast appropriately, and plan strategically for 2021—understanding the opportunities and challenges. Rob poses questions to consider, identifies trends and advantages we can capture, as well as alerting us to dematerialization’s impact and how to work with it rather than be disrupted by it. Read more

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Reframing Leadership: Shifting from Transactional to Inclusive

Simone Sloan—diversity and inclusion specialist, business strategist and leadership coach—discusses how to become an inclusive leader. Simone shares her own early discovery that leaders with transactional management styles cannot nurture the kind of inclusive community at work that they need to succeed and advance. Bolstering practice with study and research, Simone explains how to lean in and understand team members’ experiences to: communicate differently, withhold judgments, connect and shift relationships, and improve collaboration. Read more

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Transforming with Empathy: From Awareness to Application

Michael Ventura—Founder of Sub Rosa and author of Applied Empathy—discusses his process for integrating empathy practices in work environments. He recommends doing self-work first and attaining sufficient awareness to stimulate and present an empathetic self. For business situations, he emphasizes cognitive empathy which involves perspective-taking driven by inquiry, as well as identifying and unpacking top workplace challenges. For the broader setting, Michael suggests we have conversations to understand, rather than conversations to win. Read more

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On-Demand vs Remote Workers: Regulation, Opportunities, & Skills

Jeff Wald, founder and former CEO of WorkMarket, shares his data-rich perspective with authoritative clarity to discuss the evolution of the On-Demand Economy, including the impact of technology, regulation, and the pandemic on its future direction and potential. Jeff considers how new understanding about remote working affects opportunities for on-demand workers, what is the ‘future of the firm’, and the critical issues facing us all with shifting business conditions and labor markets. Read more

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Leaning into Diversity and Inclusiveness with Empathy

Karyn Twaronite, EY’s Global Vice Chair of Diversity and Inclusiveness, explains the depth and breadth of diversity and how inclusiveness is at the core of a culture of belonging. She describes the importance of practicing empathy and being authentically and actively involved for nurturing these values. Karyn suggests what more we can all do to enable fully-supportive corporate environments. Read more

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Diversity & Inclusion are Founded on Empathy

Diversity and inclusion are best addressed with a multi-dimensional approach founded on empathy believes Siham Jafaar, President and CEO of 3D Consulting and Communications, whose training and consulting focuses on educational, law enforcement, and corporate audiences. Siham shares her perspectives and insights about how empathy-driven awareness increases our knowledge and decreases our fear of each other to bridge gaps and build connections, showing us that we are more the same than we are different. Read more

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Empathy: At the Core of Corporate Culture

Mark Read, CEO of WPP, explains how strong cultural tenets help the organization connect with clients, support employees, and continue to innovate across the 100+ countries they operate in despite current circumstances. He emphasizes the importance of empathy for understanding evolving consumer behavior and workers’ different situations, as well as for responding to the protests sparked by racial injustice. Mark shares WPP’s commitments that ensure everyone feels comfortable to speak up and bring their whole self to work. Read more

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Why Culture Matters — Especially Now

Jey Van-Sharp, Principal at MyÜberLife, is an expert on culture. Jey discusses our many cultures as fundamental expressions of how we understand the world and each other. He explains why we are experiencing cultural dissonance and discomfort right now and how to step outside our own cultural codes. Jey offers insights into how companies and brands can make important cultural shifts. Read more

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The Integral Role of Empathy in Leadership and Business

Norman de Greve, the CMO of CVS Health, discusses the importance of practicing empathy, both as a senior leader and an executive of the largest health and wellness company in the US. He describes their ongoing response to the COVID19 crisis—listening to customers and employees, addressing their needs, and communicating frequently. Norman shares his views about the beneficial outcomes for leaders who take empathy-driven action to build trust, connection, and demonstrate commitment to helping people achieve what they want to achieve. He notes how CVS Health measures and rewards empathy-driven results. Read more

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Leading with Empathy Through Uncertainty and Change

Disruptions, uncertainty, and social unrest have raised the bar for leaders, compelling them to adopt more personal styles and practice empathy. Sophie shares how we can learn new leadership styles incorporating empathy to ensure organizations can adapt for current conditions and ongoing changes. The Future of Work is NOW and we need to make long-term adjustments for the next normal—there is no going back to how things were. Read more

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Adapting Our Systems and Ourselves for a Reset at Work

Global disruption has created the opportunity for a Great Reset. Gary A. Bolles, Chair for the Future of Work at Singularity University and Co-Founder of eParachute.com, believes we can redesign our business systems to be optimized to help people learn needed and evolving skill sets and develop agency. For individuals, he explains the new rules of work require constant self-inventory, experimenting to match skills, needs, and interests, and the benefits of identifying a personal Northstar. Read more

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Aligning Values, Collaborating in Crisis

When Kimmi Wernli took over as owner and CEO of Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter Company, she brought a holistic perspective and vision—wanting to enrich people’s lives and diets with sustainable, healthy peanut products. She focused on elevating and articulating their mission, connecting customers and employees with their purpose, and the company became a B-Corp. They also chose vendors and retail partners who shared their values and this alignment has helped the company handle tough and unpredictable operating conditions. Read more

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Leading Remotely and Adapting for What’s Ahead

Brian Day is the CEO of Fuze, a global cloud communications provider for enterprises. Fuze’s workforce went mostly remote in 2017. Brian shares his insights as an experienced leader of remote teams focusing on mindset, culture, communication, and tools. He also looks ahead towards a new normal and embraces productive new habits that are benefitting his organization. Read more

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Managing Remote Teams and Workflow

Heidi Melin is the Chief Marketing Officer at Workfront which provides a work management application platform for the enterprise. She has been a remote leader for years and shares her first-hand experiences and recommendations. Heidi has seen how companies that understand their workflow have been able to pivot quickly and be less impacted by current conditions as well as be prepared to adapt as situations improve. Read more

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Navigating Change: From Disruption to Sustainability

Sophie addresses the disruption we are now facing in our working lives. How can we navigate unprecedented changes due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak and technological advances? Sophie explains evolving conditions and how to adapt both in the short-term—transitioning to remote working—and for the longer-term, making important strategic changes. She describes sustainable ways of working to adopt that will enable your company to thrive in a digitized, less predictable business landscape when things turn around. Read more

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Workers’ Wellbeing – The Holistic Approach

Max Weiner is the Founder & CEO at Resilient, an organization that is providing inclusive insurance options to low and moderate-income Americans. It’s difficult for hourly workers to find consistent work that will pay for their health insurance. However, companies are seeing the benefits of providing more than just a wage to employees and are taking a more holistic approach towards supporting their low-income workers. Read more

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Optimizing Skills For Today and Tomorrow

Sean Hinton is the Founder and CEO of SkyHive Technologies, an artificial intelligence firm that helps enterprises build their future workforces and facilitates market transformation and workforce reskilling. In today’s show, Sean explains that we still have time and our jobs are still safe as we enter into a more autonomous robot workforce. He also dives deeper into why companies need to focus more of their resources on reskilling their current talent instead of trying to hire from a small pool of outside talent. Read more

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The Secrets of Productive Remote Meetings

Beth Porter is the CEO and Co-Founder of Riff Analytics, a collaboration tool that uses AI, predictive analytics, and tailored feedback to bring more engagement in remote meetings. Beth explains why meetings feel like a waste of time and how their tool can optimize that experience so that everyone in the meeting can share their thoughts and feel heard. People in remote teams can now develop trust in each other with the use of Riff and with more trust comes more team collaborations! Read more

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Managing Your Careers in the Future of Work

Ben Brooks is the Founder and CEO of Pilot Inc., a software-based employee coaching platform. Business leaders are struggling to find the right methods to keep their most talented employees away from the competition. Retention is highly personal and each employee has their own motivations, desires, and goals, yet we still approach retention with a one-size-fits-all approach. Ben explains on this week’s episode that there is a better way to keep those sought after employees. Read more

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Executive MBA textbook and ‘visionary reading’* about the Future of Work, Sophie’s book helps you understand the new work environment— faster-paced, tech-driven, and talent-focused. Her research-supported insights help executives, managers, and teams understand and transition to the new world of work.

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“The way we work is going through a profound transformation. With Embracing Progress, Sophie Wade provides an essential guide for businesses of all sizes to create a more flexible, empathetic, purpose driven, and human workplace that can meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities of this new era.”


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Sophie addresses current business conditions and explores ways to navigate the disruption. She shares informative insights and interviewing leading innovators who are providing or benefiting from transformative solutions that will allow companies to emerge with sustainable models, mindsets, and business practices. Find out how to transition to more effective, productive, and supportive new ways of working—across locations, generations, and platforms—as we harness these challenging circumstances to drive significant, multidimensional changes in all our working lives.

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