The 2021 remote influencer report

“Sophie Wade is one of the top 25 Remote Innovators and top 75 Remote Influencers.”
February 2021

the 100 most influential remote experts

“Sophie Wade is included as one of "The following experts know that remote work is the future."”
January 2021

the future of remote work report

“"A critical focus on empathy is essential for success in this new environment..." says Sophie Wade.”
November 2020

Making the Most Out of Remote Work Using Technology

“We reached out to experts in various fields of remote work to pitch them a few questions on how to boost productivity and preserve our mental health in these uncertain times.”
May 2020

9 strategies to effectively manage your team remotely

“"Empathy is key," says Sophie Wade, "With an empathetic approach, relationships deepen and team members feel heard, included, and safe.."”
May 2020

36 Experts Share Digital Workplace Best Practices To Fight COVID-19

“Expert Sophie Wade explains how "… Identifying, defining, and tracking work elements with digital tools allows: management based on forecastable timeframes.."”
April 2020

Include Freelancers in Company Culture and Maximize their Value

“Speaker and author, Sophie Wade, explains how freelancers and companies can work together profitably and efficiently. ”
December 2019

Perspective & Empathy: Sophie Wade on Critical Soft Skills for the Multigenerational Workplace

“Here’s a look at why perspective and empathy will be critical for organizations to succeed.”
November 2019

The Essence of Modern Work Management Is Change: Video Interviews with 3 Work Experts

“The workplace is much more decentralized, and work is much faster. It’s much less predictable.”
April 2019

Flex Summit Q&A with Sophie Wade: Empathy @ Work

“We recognize our colleagues’ experiences and apply that understanding to make compromises and adjustments so we can each do our best work.”
March 2019

The Future of Work

“The Future of Work is something that everyone wants to understand, but few of us fully do. What we can all agree on is that in many ways, the “future” is already here.”
March 2019

The State of Work Report 2018

“The majority of managers are not proactively supporting their be effective in their new work environment.”
March 2018

Seamless Collaboration with a Global Workforce

“The decentralized workforce is the future, it won't just be some companies. It will be all companies.”
February 2018

Top 5 Blogs to Learn about Contingent Workers

“Five blogs that give guidance about contingent workforce best practices or determining how to implement them within your organization.”
February 2018

Influencers to Follow in 2018

“We compiled our top picks of top influencers who are the trendsetters and experts in HR technology, wellbeing, and employee engagement.”
January 2018

20 Must-Reads on the Future of Work

“The CEO of Upwork recommends visionary reading about the future of work, cities, and education”
January 2018


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